JCS - Vision and Mission

At JCS we have a strong vision for the school, its students, parents and staff. This is supported by our mission statement and core values which form the very heart of our community.

Our Vision

  • To provide a vibrant learning community that draws on quality international and local resources to promote a positive approach to lifelong learning, encouraging children to embrace new experiences and develop their potential based on our core values.

Our Mission

  • Equip students for further study and career pathways
  • Foster social responsibility and global awareness of students
  • Engage with and become part of the local community
  • Provide the highest quality internationally minded British education to meet the needs of all students in a supportive environment now and into the future

Our Core Values

At JCS we hold dear our core values and these form the basis for how the school operates:

  • Demonstrate respect in all matters
  • Promote and learn from diversity within the school, including a commitment to anti-discrimination of all kinds
  • Be confident in our decision making
  • Demonstrate integrity in our daily operations
  • Be innovative in our approach
  • Promote social responsibility in all our activities
  • Work in partnership with the parent, local and regional community