Children begin their Primary education at the age of 5 and remain in this phase until 11 years of age. The Primary school is made up of two key stages:

  • Key Stage 1: Year 1 and Year 2
  • Key Stage 2: Year 3 until Year 6

At JCS, we believe learning should be an exciting and inspiring journey encouraging students to embrace challenges and new ideas. We recognise that no two children are alike and, as such, students are given access to learning opportunities allowing each child to achieve their full potential.

This learning journey is facilitated by our team of qualified and dedicated teachers, using the standards set out in the British National Curriculum. We provide opportunities for our students to work and learn in a variety of group configurations, from individual classes to Key Stages, as well as the entire Primary School coming together to work cooperatively.

JCS provides a clear and focused teaching framework for English and Mathematics, as well as a broad range of other curriculum areas and learning opportunities:

  • Science
  • International Studies (which includes History and Geography)
  • Art and Design Technology
  • Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

The Curriculum objectives for these learning areas are incorporated in our engaging Inquiry-based programme, which also includes the 21st Century Learning Skills to develop high level thinking. At JCS, we empower our students to become curious about the world around them, to ask questions and to become critical thinkers, while developing their independent research skills.

In Primary, each class has 2 fully qualified teachers, 1 expat and 1 Indonesian, and specialist staff for Physical Education, ICT, Art and Design, Indonesian, Music and Dance.

Assessment of students' progress is continuous throughout the year and in line with the standards set out in the British National Curriculum. Two interim reports and one summary report are completed during the academic year, as well as 2 Parent and Child-Teacher Conferences and a Student-Led Conference. Each of these provide you with updated feedback regarding your child's education, development and progress.

You can access the Primary curriculum official document via the following link: Primary Curriculum