Our Curriculum

Curriculum At JCS we are proud to offer the National Curriculum of England and Wales, one of the most popular curricula worldwide. The British curriculum is delivered by over 30,000 schools in the UK and in many schools around the world. It is a curriculum that is recognised internationally for its standards and rigour, bringing reassurance to parents and stability to students.

The curriculum sets clear expectations for what children must know and be able to do at each stage in their education, and makes sure that the standards they set match the best in the world. It specifies a rigorous model of the knowledge which every child should expect to master in core subjects at every key stage.

At the same time, it allows for autonomy and innovation at the school level, giving us the freedom to teach in an international setting. The curriculum is delivered as a continuous process from when they first enter school as a child to when they leave as a young adult offering the security of progression throughout a child's education. It also offers the security for when students move between countries as it enables them to more easily fit into another school offering the same curriculum. The British curriculum prepares our students for their role in an increasingly challenging, cosmopolitan and rapidly changing world. This is done in a stimulating, caring and supportive setting where academic excellence is balanced with opportunities for personal development. Our curriculum is globally recognised and on-ward paths to universities and further education colleges anywhere in the world are possible with a JCS education.

Education Pathway

The terminology used in the British curriculum to describe the education pathway is sometimes different from others. The term 'Year Group' is used instead of 'Grade', and we talk about Key Stages and not Phases. The following information is designed to help you see the progression through the UK education process and the one adopted by JCS.

The UK Education Process

Early Years Foundation Stage

Primary (Year 1 - Year 6)

Secondary (Year 7 - Year 13)

ITo help teachers prepare for your child's development and progression, the education process is broken down further into Key Stages and mirror those established in the United Kingdom. Your child will pass through each stage on their path to completing their education at the school.

Key Stages

Early Years Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 - 2)

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6)

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 - 9)

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 - 11)

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 - 13)

Our education system is like a child's building blocks: laying foundations and building upon the previous one. It provides a continuous education year on year.

The Learning Process at JCS

Our learning journey begins in EYFS. Along the way our students learn skills that are a vital part of their development. The learning goals are set to match a child's development at each Key Stage and are also matched to individual student needs along the way. By the end of the education journey your child will have developed many skills in preparation for life beyond school – especially the academic rigors of University anywhere in the world. Below are some of the skills JCS believes are important for all our students:

  • Adapting to varied learning and teaching styles
  • Investigating and problem solving
  • Enquiry
  • Independence
  • Collaborative learning
  • Self-reflection and target setting
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Open-mindedness
  • Caring, tolerance and respect

JCS strives to provide academic excellence for all students but also recognises its crucial responsibility in encouraging individual personal development. We encourage students to value the school and wider community and enable them to seek opportunities to demonstrate the JCS values.

To enhance our children's learning, the school offers a wide range of intra-curricular activities which support the learning taking place in the classroom. The school hosts book week, has brought in specialist art teachers for specific design work, worked with local musicians, offered calligraphy lessons and develops themed work around the annual school camps. We are always delighted to offer our students enrichment learning activities to enhance the curriculum and our students' individual development.

For more specific information regarding our EYFS, Primary or Secondary programmes, please contact the school office and ask for a school handbook or make an appointment to visit the school and meet with our Phase leaders. For specific information and alignment to the National Curriculum of England and Wales, please click on the following link: National Curriculum of England and Wales