JCS Houses

At JCS we promote teamwork and cooperation amongst our student body and staff. As part of this development the school runs a House system similar to many you would find in UK schools. All students and teachers are placed into a House which they remain in during their time at JCS.

Our Houses are named after 3 characters from the Indonesian legend of Mahabharata:

  • Nakula (Red)
  • Sadewa (Blue)
  • Srikandi (Green)

Students can gain House points as part of their contribution to school life. This may be helping somebody, being polite or completing a set goal. The school also hosts a number of events, whole school activities and inter-house competitions such as our swimming and athletic carnivals. In Primary, House points are linked to the Class Dojo. House Captains and Vice Captains are elected through the student body.


Celebrating students achievements, whether it is for academic performance or for student life and community spirit, reinforces positive behaviour and work ethic. Here at JCS we reward our team and community spirit through the House system. Secondary students are also awarded merit points for academic work if it is an outstanding piece, or if the student has shown real improvement or effort. This is a way of recognising individual as well as group achievement.

In Primary and EYFS classes students receive Dojo points for both school work and community spirit. These are converted to House points and put towards the team totals as well.