Indonesian Language

The benefits of an international education are well documented. Our curriculum is taught in English and the subjects our children follow lead to internationally recognised standards. JCS is a community school and firmly rooted in Jogjakarta. As such, we also want our children to celebrate the Indonesian language and culture.

Here at JCS we offer all our students the opportunity to learn Indonesian as taught by our team teachers whose first language is Indonesian. They tailor lessons to suit the levels of ability within the classroom. The teaching of Indonesian begins in our Primary phase and continues throughout the student’s time at school.

In Primary, students are streamed according to their level of Indonesian, in order to cater for different abilities, ranging from beginner level to native speakers. In Secondary, our older students are able to sit the Cambridge examination in First Language Indonesian.

On top of our language programme we promote Indonesian culture and traditions and explore local crafts and customs. One of our annual events is our Indonesia Week where children learn styles of art, study house building, craft work, local history and learn traditional songs and dance.

Developing an understanding of the Indonesian culture and language, alongside the British Curriculum, means that students will gain an international education whilst developing an appreciation of local history, community and society. Speaking more than one language and living in a multicultural environment teaches adaptability, tolerance and appreciation which are the benchmark of the new global citizen.