Eco Awareness

JCS aspires to live an environmentally mindful life with a low carbon footprint. From the design of the school to the daily operations, the school community works in ways to respect the environment in which it operates. As a team of teachers, support staff and students we strive to reduce waste, recycle as much as we can, use natural resources wherever possible, and source many of our materials locally.

Our environmentally astute philosophy is built into our daily routines, and staff, students and families are encouraged to not only participate in our adopted initiatives but also bring new ideas to the table. The school adopts the reduce, recycle and reuse policy in its daily operations. Our colour coded bins help even our youngest students to participate in our initiatives.

Guest speakers have introduced new ideas from collecting rain water to reducing our electricity usage; Waste Free Wednesdays encourages families to think about the food packaging we are all so familiar with; and more recently, our older students have been involved in beach clean-up projects. We will continue to create and initiate both short and long term plans to improve JCS’ environmental footprint and our JCS family will continue to seek ways to co-exist in harmony with its community and the environment.

We also seek to explore different ways in which our school can contribute to environment outside our school walls and look forward to creating new and exciting links.