JCS Team

Ibu Jane - Principal, Secondary Coordinator and Teacher
Ibu Jane is from Carleton, a small village in North Yorkshire, UK. Before teaching she worked in travel and administration, as well as working on social projects with young offenders in the UK. Ibu Jane obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and her PGCE (teaching qualification) in the UK. She taught for 17 years in the UK before becoming an international teacher. She worked in Turkey, Romania, Jordan, Dubai and Mongolia before joining JCS in 2017. Ibu Jane loves to travel and has been fortunate enough to visit many places. Her favourite places so far have been Bhutan and Tibet.

Ibu Amber - Vice Principal, Primary Coordinator and Teacher
Originally from New Zealand, Ibu Amber has spent many years in Bali and Jogjakarta. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in anthropology and Asian studies in New Zealand and her Graduate Diploma of Education in Australia. Before joining JCS, Ibu Amber worked at Yogyakarta Independent School and at Canggu Community School, Bali. She has also worked on several projects around Indonesia setting up education projects for local families. Ibu Amber loves to spend time with her young family, especially taking them on backpacking adventures around Asia. She enjoys playing card games and badminton, as well as researching for many hours on Pinterest.

Ibu Louise - Primary Teacher
Originally from London, Ibu Louise moved to Indonesia over 15 years ago, having previously worked in Thailand and Australia. She holds a Diploma in Teaching and Learning from Australia and master’s degree in learning and development. With over 20 years experience in teaching, curriculum development and management, Ibu Louise has taught children from EYFS to KS4. In her spare time, Ibu Louise enjoys visiting art galleries and museums and has said that if she were not a teacher, she would be an archaeologist.

Ibu Beatriks - Mathematics / Science / Bahasa Indonesia Teacher
Ibu Beatriks was born and raised in Ende, East Nusa Tenggara. It was here she obtained her bachelor’s degree in physics. She went on to achieve her master’s degree in physics from Yogyakarta State University. Before joining JCS, Ibu Beatriks taught mathematics and science at an international school in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Beyond her love for mathematics and science, Ibu Beatriks is a keen traveller and photographer, and when she has the time, she loves to read.

Ibu Desy - EYFS Teacher
Ibu Desy was born and raised in Jogjakarta. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in English at Sanata Dharma University and obtained qualifications in Play Based Learning and Teaching and Learning Development. Ibu Desy works with our early years children and before joining JCS, she gained experience as a playgroup/kindergarten teacher and as an English tutor. She loves to be creative, not only making superb displays but also making her own jewelry and accessories. Ibu Desy keeps herself busy as a volunteer with the Realino Foundation, as well as finding time for sports and travel. One trip took her to Poland to be an active participant in World Youth Day.

Pak Dhyaksa - Assistant Sporting Coach
Pak Dhyaksa was raised and educated in Jogjakarta. He earned a bachelor’s degree in tourism and was an events planner before giving in to his love of sport. He gained a Level 2 certificate to coach Taekwondo and has been a Taekwondo teacher for over 4 years, both at JCS and at other external venues. He is a national athlete and he brings many skills to his coaching here at JCS. Dhyaksa’s passion is sport and much of his free time is coaching, participating and supporting it.

Ibu Eci - Art Teacher and Team Teacher
Originally from Madiun, East Java, Ibu Eci joined JCS in 2018. She obtained her master’s degree at the Fine Art Institute in Jogjakarta. Before coming to JCS, Ibu Eci worked with young children teaching art across a range of abilities and ages. She was a speaker at a recent contemporary ceramics exhibition held in Jakarta. In her free time, Ibu Eci writes about the arts for journals and magazines. Ibu Eci brings a wealth of experience and talent using a range of mediums and is developing and strengthening our art programme of study.

Pak Ewin - Teacher of Dance
Originally from Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Pak Ewin joined JCS as a dance, music and EYFS teacher. He is currently focusing on dance as well as offering after school violin lessons. Pak Ewin has performed and competed as a dancer in both national and international events and was a champion at Pekan Olahraga National (PON). He continues to teach ballroom dancing.

Pak Fuad - PE and ICT Teacher / ICT Coordinator
Born and raised in Jogjakarta, Pak Fuad obtained his bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. He is a keen sportsman and among many sporting accolades, Pak Fuad has achieved a Level 2 certificate to coach Taekwondo. He joined JCS in 2012 when the school first opened its doors and is now a full time teacher of ICT and PE to children across all age ranges. In his spare time Pak Fuad has a new interest to compete with his love of sport—his baby daughter.

Ibu Gaby - Team Teacher and Teacher of Bahasa Indonesia
Ibu Gaby is local to Jogjakarta and obtained her bachelor’s degree in English from Sanata Dharma University. Before joining JCS, Ibu Gaby worked as a teaching assistant and as an English tutor. Ibu Gaby is new to JCS but has already become a valuable team member. Outside school, Ibu Gaby is busy raising her young family and still finds time for the things she loves to do: travelling, the arts, trying new foods and volunteering as an tutor within her community.

Ibu Ifa - Science and Maths Teacher
Ibu Ifa is originally from Semarang, Java. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in biology from Semarang State University. As well as teaching, Ibu Ifa loves to learn and keep up to date with current international teaching methodologies. Whilst she was at school, one of her proudest moments was winning the Biology Olympiad. Out of school, Ibu Ifa volunteers on a project teaching children in some of the rural areas around Jogjakarta, as well as creating activities for children suffering from illness. She is creative and loves to design and make things both in school and at home.

Ibu Joan - Humanities and English Teacher
Ibu Joan was born and raised in Schenectady, New York, USA. Her qualifications are truly global: Bachelor’s degree in geography from the USA, Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from Hawaii and a PGCEi (teaching qualification) from the UK. Apart from teaching, Ibu Joan has gained invaluable experience working in other fields, including eco-social projects in the USA, Turkey and Indonesia and copyediting/proofreading for academic books and journals. Ibu Joan has embraced life in Indonesia and in between raising her twin daughters, she has led orangutan mapping expeditions in Central Kalimantan and played and performed traditional Indonesian music, including Kakula from Central Sulawesi, Talempong from West Sumatera and Gamelan from Bali and Java.

Ibu Muthia - Support Teacher
Ibu Muthia obtained a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Universitas Muhammadiyah in Jogjakarta. She joined JCS in 2018 and before this, Ibu Muthia worked as an Indonesian teacher for overseas students and was the International Programme Coordinator for a NGO. Ibu Muthia has worked on social projects both nationally and abroad, such as working on education projects in Vietnam. More recently, she has been working on a social project to reduce the use of plastic bags. Recently she started yoga as her new hobby.

Ibu Rebecca - Primary Teacher
Ibu Rebecca is originally from Sydney, Australia. She studied at the University of New England, Armidale, Australia where she obtained her bachelor’s degree and teaching qualification in primary education. Before joining JCS in 2018, Ibu Rebecca taught in Australia and in Bogor and Jakarta, Indonesia. Ibu Rebecca has a keen interest in history and has worked on archeological digs in Australia. She grew up on a farm and her first pet was a lamb. Now, she loves to spend time with her husband and young son.

Ibu Rini - Team Teacher and Teacher of Bahasa Indonesia
Ibu Rini is from Jogjakarta. She studied for her bachelor’s degree at Sanata Dharma University and trained as an English teacher. Ibu Rini has taught Indonesian to overseas students and English to Indonesian students. In her spare time, Ibu Rini works as a volunteer organising activities in her local community as well as raising her own family.

Pak Septian - Teacher of Music
Pak Septian originally comes from Jogjakarta and joined JCS in September 2018. He studies music at the Indonesian Institute of The Arts, Yogyakarta. Pak Septian has been an active musician and music teacher since 2011 and is one of Jogjakarta’s emerging young composers. He has performed at a number of musical festivals and competed in competitions both in Indonesia as well as Germany, the Netherlands, Thailand, China and Austria.

Pak Ting - Team Teacher and Teacher of Bahasa Indonesia
Pak Ting is from Jogjakarta and studied for his bachelor’s degree at Sanata Dharma University. Before joining JCS, Pak Ting has taught in several language schools. He also possesses broader experience working as an English consultant in a large company and has worked in the USA. Pak Ting likes to remain active and in his spare time he loves travelling and bike riding. He is creative and likes to make things, which is excellent when we require props and displays at school.

Ibu Ida - Office Manager
Ibu Ida is from Jogjakarta and she took her bachelor’s degree in international relations at Universitas Gajah Mada. Before joining JCS, Ibu Ida gained her work experience in similar roles both in Jogjakarta and in Bali. Whilst at university, Ibu Ida was part of the university’s equestrian club and competed as an athlete in equestrian events including dressage. In her spare time she loves snorkeling, diving and traveling, as well as looking after her pets.

Ibu Septi - Finance Coordinator
Ibu Septi is originally from Jogjakarta and she received her bachelor’s degree in economics (accounting) at UNY. Before joining JCS, Ibu Septi worked in an external auditor’s office and also worked for a foundation here in Jogjakarta. Whilst at university, Ibu Septi joined a community service programme and for several years she has volunteered in a local youth organisation. She works very hard and so to relax, Ibu Septi enjoys gardening.

Ibu Widya - Board Officer and Administrator
Born and raised in Jogjakarta, Ibu Widya gained her bachelor’s degree in 2015. Prior to joining JCS, Ibu Widya gained administrative experience at a marketing company in Jogjakarta. When she is not at JCS, Ibu Widya volunteers at an English school, working with young children. She also loves to keep up to date with the latest movies.

JCS Supports

JCS is supported by a dedicated team of support workers and without them our school would be unable to operate smoothly and effectively. We are fortunate to be supported by: Pak Peno - greeter and general administration; Ibu Ida and Ibu Iluk - housekeeping; Pak Aji and Pak Suradi - gardeners; Pak Eko, Pak Dwi, Pak Anggit, Pak Agil and Pak Andre - security officers.