Selamat Datang!: A warm welcome to you from JCS

One of the greatest privileges of life is the ability to watch the next generation grow and develop through their school years, becoming responsible, active members of society. Schools today can seem a world apart from how parents were educated, but this is a natural feeling. As technology continues to expand our abilities and shrink our world, it is important for all of us to remember we are all part of the global society and as such, it is our duty to prepare today’s children for this.

This is the essence of Jogjakarta Community School, we seek to educate the whole child, academically, socially and holistically in all facets of our modern society. Beyond our high academic expectations, a school should also focus on personal and social development.

We want our children to be confident, considerate, respectful and globally aware. Such skills are developed through relationships established between teachers and students and between students themselves.

As an experienced educator, having taught around the world in many institutions and many positions, I have witnessed many changes and approaches in the way children are taught. One thing that never changes is the belief that children should be placed at the heart of the education process. No two children are the same; they learn and progress differently. As such, a school should foster the development of inquiry, critical thinking and creativity within a structured yet broad-based curriculum where we aim to inspire, motivate and challenge children in all aspects of learning.

Working with all JCS stakeholders is the key to success for me. If we are all aligned in our beliefs, passions and commitment to ensuring all students develop and thrive whilst at JCS and beyond, we can ensure that future societies will grow and be successful. Our students are the key to this success; their ability to make positive contributions will be the mark of our school and a worthy legacy. It is our duty to prepare the younger generations for that challenge: for it is them that we look to to shape our future.

Iain Slade