JCS Admissions and Tuition Fees Policy and Procedures

Thank you for browsing the JCS website and we hope it gives you a flavour of our school’s ethos. If you are already in Jogjakarta, please visit the school and see it in action. By doing this you will gain a true ‘feel’ for the school and appreciate the qualities that make up JCS. We are confident that you will find our school a safe and happy environment, where staff and students interact meaningfully and positively in each part of the academic, social and physical aspects of our daily lives.

Making initial enquiries

For general enquiries regarding the school and enrolment, please contact our Office Manager or call us at +62 (0) 811 2576 164.

Parents can also register their child for a 3 day trial at the school to experience first hand what JCS has to offer. This can be arranged by making an appointment with the office, completing a short application form and agreeing on the trial days. The trial is a no-obligation, free of charge opportunity to experience our school.


Here is a step-by-step guide to enrolling your child at JCS.

1. Pre-Registration

JCS has an academically non-selective enrolment policy. However, we use the following criteria before accepting a child to ensure that we meet the needs of all students of each class. Please consider these criteria before beginning the registration process.

Year Group Eligibility

In EYFS and Key Stage 1 classes it is not required that students are fluent in English. Children of this age are able to learn from their peers through play and during lessons, nonetheless, children will be given additional support in English language development as needed. All our lessons, with the exception of Indonesian, are taught in English and as such, children from Year 3 upwards are required to have a reasonable command of the English language to support their learning. The school will make an assessment of spoken and written English skills of new students. JCS may request that a child takes additional English classes before joining the school.

Our school year groups are determined in accordance with the National Curriculum of England and Wales without exception. Please see the table above in order to determine the appropriate age group for your child. We adopt this principle to ensure that your child is educated within a suitably aged peer group. Children will be placed in age appropriate classes and will not be moved up a year group.

Key Stage 4 entrants
Children will only be accepted into Year 10 if they are joining from a British curriculum school or they are able to complete the registration assessments to a level that demonstrates they are able to access, understand and cope with the academic rigour of IGCSE examinations delivered entirely in the English language.

Children will only be accepted in Year 11 if they are currently in a British curriculum school and they are already following an IGCSE programme of study which can be accommodated by JCS.

Students enrolled into Key Stage 4 will follow the Wolsey Hall programme of study in preparation for IGCSE examinations.

Reports from previous school
Parents will be required to submit their child’s academic reports from the previous school for at least one academic year.

Children with identified needs
JCS is a small school and does not have the support of specialist teachers or a Learning Development Unit. It is with regret that currently we cannot offer places to children requiring additional support.

2. Nationality

We welcome a mix of nationalities into our student body and as part of our anti-discrimination ethos, we do not have priority for any one nationality. Nationality is determined on the basis of the passport held by the student.

3. Contact Admissions

If you feel your child meets the criteria, the next step is to contact the Office Manager or call us at +62 (0) 811 2576 164 to make an appointment to visit the school, to find out more information about us or to arrange an entrance assessment.

4. Entrance Assessment

Upon the decision to enrol your child, it will be necessary to arrange an entrance assessment. This can be arranged through our Office Manager using the contact details outlined above.

Overseas applications - Overseas applications are welcomed. If you are applying from overseas, the office will make any necessary online arrangements to sit entrance assessments at the child’s current school.

In Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1, parents and children will be invited to attend a meeting with the teacher. All other students will take a short assessment in English and Mathematics which will be administered by JCS staff. The different styles of assessments used determine if we are able to offer a place in school and to ensure a child is ready and at the correct level for learning within JCS.

Reports from the child’s previous school wil be requested before a place if offered.

5. Registration

Step 1:
On being offered a place at JCS, parents will be contacted by the Office Manager. At this stage parents will be asked to complete and submit the school registration form, along with the one time registration payment of 3,500,000 IDR in order to secure the place. The registration fee is non-refundable.

A registration fee is payable for each child attending the school.

Re-entry Registration Charges - Children who leave JCS and return within 18 months (4 academic terms), will be considered as continuing students and registration fees will not apply. A child returning after 18 months will be considered as a new student.

Step 2:
Once all the registration documentation has been received and signed by both parties, the Office Manager will issue the start date, the payment invoice and any other relevant information required for your child to join JCS.


Fees are outlined separately in the Fee Schedule. Please contact the Office Manager for the most recent schedule.

Families with more than 2 children enrolled at JCS qualify for a discount of 6% on the tuition of the 3rd child and 10% on the tuition of the 4th child enrolled at JCS. The discount is based on the fees of the youngest child.

Please note:

  1. Fees can be paid in instalments or paid in full at the beginning of the year. Please see the Fee Schedule for details.
  2. For children enrolling after the start of Term 1, fees will be calculated pro-rata for the portion of the school year they are in attendance. This will be invoiced when your child joins the school.
  3. Baseline test fees (administered at the beginning of each key stage) are an additional cost, separate from school fees (applies to Key Stages 2, 3 and 4). Parents will be notified in advance of the tests taking place.
  4. Externally set examinations such as IGCSE and A levels incur examination fees. These are an additional cost, separate from school fees and are to be paid by the student prior to the examinations being taken.

Holidays and Extended Leave of Absence - families are not entitled to refunds or a stop in payment of fees if a child is taken out of school for an extended leave of absence or holiday during the academic school year.

Early Payment of Fees - Some parents may wish to make an advance payment on fees for the following academic year. Please note, if an advance payment is made before fees have been set for the new academic, the school will request the difference to be paid.


A parent withdrawing their child from JCS before the end of the school year will be charged up to the end of the term in which they withdraw. (The school operates a three term year: August-December, January-March and April-June). A minimum of two months’ written notice of withdrawal must be given to the Principal. Notice of withdrawal for the following term which is given during the holiday period, will incur the next term’s fees. This withdrawal policy is applicable in all cases including political and natural force majeure. Any refund is subject to administrative fees.

(Note: ‘Withdrawal’ is the date upon which the student ceases to attend and where the name is officially removed from the enrolment list. Administrative fees will be applied to refunds.)


In order to withdraw your child from JCS, please follow the following steps:
  1. Inform the office in writing as far in advance as possible
  2. Make sure all fees are paid in full
  3. Ensure all school property is returned
  4. Collect student personal belongings
  5. If leaving before the reporting periods, reports will be forwarded at a later date to a nominated address providing the above criteria has been met
Reports, new school application requests and recommendation letters cannot be released from the school unless all the above criteria has been met.

Any refundable monies will be processed and returned within 15 working days after the student has left the school.

All fees are due as outlined in the Fee Schedule. Payments must be made according to the stipulated due dates. If an extension to the payment deadline is required, it must be agreed with the Principal in the first instance. If payment is not received within this agreed extended period, an administration fee of 1,400,000 IDR per child will be added to the monies owed.

If fees are not received within 2 weeks of the first due date and no arrangement has been made, an administration fee of 1,400,000 IDR per child will automatically be applied. After 4 weeks if no fees have been received and no agreement has been made, the Principal will inform the parent(s) that their child may no longer attend JCS until all fees are paid.

The school administration must, at all times, strictly adhere to this policy. Any exception to this policy, if necessitated by exceptional reasons, must be approved in advance by the Principal.

JCS has no external investment or endowment fund; it is funded entirely from tuition fees. JCS is a non-profit entity: all income is used to provide a quality learning experience and the development of the school facilities. Non-payment or late payment of fees causes significant operational difficulties and compromises the quality of service.

JCS must operate within acceptable educational limits and we aim to provide a positive outcome for children and parents.
The school reserves the right to reject an application or a re-registration to JCS on the following grounds:
  • If the year group appropriate to the applicant is already full
  • If, in our professional judgement, the applicant or student is not suited to the programme offered by the school as set out in the entry criteria
  • Non-payment of fees